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Sioux Park Sports Complex



The vision of the Rapid City Sports Commission is to be the driving force behind a thriving sports industry in Rapid City. We achieve this by bidding and hosting regional and national events, creating and maintaining events, communicating the value of sport, identifying priorities for capital investment in existing facilities and championing new facility funding and development. Fueled by our excitement for the game and unwavering confidence in our standing as a monumental destination, the Commission is committed to facilitating extraordinary experiences for participants of all abilities.


To cultivate a dynamic sports industry in Rapid City. We achieve this by actively bidding on and hosting regional events, curating and managing a diverse range of sporting experiences, and effectively communicating the inherent value that sports bring to our community. Additionally, we prioritize the identification of key areas for capital investment in existing facilities and champion the funding and development of new facilities, ensuring a thriving and sustainable sports landscape for all.


Our goals are ambitious and focused on advancing our sporting infrastructure and community. We strive to create a comprehensive capital improvement masterplan that enhances local facilities, while also envisioning and defining the scope of a state-of-the-art "Field House." In collaboration with the city, parks and recreation departments, and user groups, we aim to develop a robust trails masterplan that benefits all. Furthermore, we aspire to generate a remarkable $5 million in economic impact through the introduction of exciting new events and establish stable funding to support our ongoing pipeline projects. Together, we are building a stronger sports legacy for Rapid City.